Why Choose Us?

The O’Keefe Group, LLC is a strategic partner creating ancillary income for property owners across the United States. TOG designs and engineers programs that match the property type and the landlord’s goals.

We specialize in working with commercial real estate developers and architects in the design and installation of waste systems that maximize the weight of every compactor haul, while reducing daily truck traffic that contributes to CO2 gases. TOG plays a critical role in helping them meet their integration requirements.

With under 10 employees, our close-knit team works to provide you with seamless and personalized service. We operate 24/7 and we love what we do — and it shows in the quality of our service.

Customer Focused

AT TOG, we like to work one-on-one with our customers. We want to get to know you. When you call us, you won’t be transferred from department to department via voice prompts. Your call will be answered by a live TOG team member. Creating a more personal experience, allows us to focus on you, answer your questions and find the right solution for your needs in a timely manner. You won’t be put on hold while a problem remains unsolved — and, Michael O’Keefe, the owner and operator of TOG, is easily accessible to help out.

The TOG team is always on your side. We will advocate for you. Just give us a call and let us know what is going on. If we can’t resolve your issue over the phone, one of our team members will personally go out to the location to resolve the issue.

Quick Response

Once in a while, a customer may call with an overflow due to illegal dumping or an issue with pick up. Our first response is to immediately schedule an additional pick-up. However, if necessary, we will personally go to the site and pick up the trash by hand and place it into another container at the facility where appropriate. That’s how committed we are to our customers.

At TOG, we don’t pull any punches. We pride ourselves in straight talk, and honesty, and believe that trust and open communication are essential to a good working relationship.

We promise that when you hire TOG Advisory Services, we’ll guarantee that you’ll receive timely solutions to all of your waste management needs.

From our President

“I am fortunate to have family and friends supporting me and my business. I wouldn’t want to do this without them because I know together, we can do more.

Michael O’Keefe

President, The O’Keefe Group

I started working in the trash business when I was in my early twenties, a year after I married my wife Cheryle. My father-in-law owned multiple landfills, transfer stations, and hauling businesses, and working for him was comparable to getting a Ph.D. in business. The rapid exposure and operating experience I gained from such diverse operations have made me the specialist I am today.

In the early 90’s, when I started thinking about pursuing a business in high-end recycling of post-industrial and consumer recycling, my wife turned out to be my biggest supporter. At that time, the paper and plastic markets were in a downward cycle, so it wasn’t going to be easy. Throughout this entire time, my wife stood by my side and never sought financial help from the family even though we had 4 children and were struggling to pay our bills. We never gave in and never gave up. It was a calculated risk, but we both felt it was better than leading a mediocre life. I knew then that my wife would always be my partner and my friend.

Today, The O’Keefe Group is a national organization providing clients with excellent one-on-one waste services and solutions. Over the years, I have built strong relationships. Clients trust me, know that I am passionate in what I do, and because of this, they know I won’t let them down. Exchanging ideas with my clients is always welcome. Mutual trust between my company and my clients is why we still remain successful today.

I firmly believe in giving back to the community. The organization closest to my heart is the YMCA — especially the Attleboro and South Shore YMCAs. I am involved in their youth mentoring programs by staying active in the progress of the programs as well as supporting them financially. Certified mentors are making a difference in these young lives. Home life can be stressful and debilitating in many cases and mentors walk alongside young people in the community to guide and shape them into the professionals that they are bound to become. The YMCA provides a safe environment where hope lives. We also support the Foundation for Catholic Education.

The Group

The O’Keefe Group consists of 12 highly skilled individuals that do the work of 30 people in a selfless and dedicated way. Our small highly focused team is an intangible benefit and anyone who uses our service knows that we won’t sleep until a problem is resolved. The TOG team is available 24/7 to serve our clients. We are lucky to have such committed team of people and family and I am honored to work alongside them.