Empowering Clients to Go Green and Save

The O’Keefe Group (TOG) has been managing waste for over 38 years starting when Michael J. O’Keefe noticed a gap between what national trash haulers were offering for waste diversion and recycling options.
TOG Advisory Services was established to educate architects, owners, operators, and generators about the importance of using recycling as a way to reduce cost and divert waste away from landfill and incinerator services.

TOG is in the business of making a difference and setting an example for others to follow. Social responsibility is at the core of what TOG does. TOG puts their customers back in charge of where their waste stream goes so that they can save money and go green.

Asking “Big Trash” to be the custodian of your waste stream is akin to asking the fox to mind the chickens.

“There is a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing
that together we can prevent another ton of trash from reaching landfills and incinerators.”
Michael O’Keefe, President, TOGd

Waste Consulting Agreement

The TOG Waste Reduction Agreement (WRA) allows TOG to:

  • Audit Contract to Invoiced Cost
  • Structure Refunds
  • Amend Faulty Contract Provisions
  • Establish Purchase Order Control
  • Negotiate and Stabilize Pricing
  • Provide On-Going Service Management

Waste Manager

As the Waste Manager and Contractor, we position our clients and customers for long term savings.

TOG develops and refines operations including:

  • Standard Operations Manual
  • Service Call Handling
  • Hauling Invoice Reconciliation
  • Central Dispatch and Scheduling
  • Waste Budget Administration
  • Waste Diversion and Recycling

Waste service providers tend to deviate from their bids by passing through costs that were not part of their original estimate. This hurts the client because they have limited knowledge about the underlying cost structures and company strategies.

Green Recycling Wagon

Power to Change

TOG simplifies the process of sourcing products and services by requiring all service providers and suppliers to execute a Vendor Service Agreement (VSA). The VSA positions our clients to be able to take advantage of those cost savings or cost cuts discovered during the initial audit, and after the audit as part of an on-going service management relationship.


TOG does not tolerate unethical practices suggested or attempted by service providers and suppliers, nor does TOG accept commissions, finder’s fees, or other compensation for assigning purchase orders to potential service providers.

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