Residential Apartment Compactors

Residential Apartment Compactors

Item # APT-331, APT-331 1/3 Cubic Yard (yd³) Apartment Style Stationary Compactors

This 1/3 cubic yard capacity compactor is designed to give maximum compaction of waste in a small space. It is ideal for high-rise apartments or office buildings where space is at a premium. Engineered and built for rugged use, the APT-331 has many standard features including an apartment chute transition hopper, deck-mounted power unit, photoelectric start with current ANSI Z245.2 Safety Standards warning system, key lock start, emergency stop button, container full light, multi-cycling ram and automatic safety retract.

The many standard features and available optional features make the APT-331 dependable, safe and easy to use.

An SC series compactor can be easily adapted to your waste handling system with most of the optional features listed in the compactor section.

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