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    In order for The O’Keefe Group, LLC to create an accurate assessment of current waste management collection costs and service levels, we will need to perform an initial invoice audit using information from your current suppliers. If you would like The O’Keefe Group, LLC to handle all of the auditing and information gathering, simply sign below where indicated. There is no charge for the audit.

    By initialing this document, you authorize The O’Keefe Group, LLC to perform, on behalf of the property owner, an invoice audit and service level review pricing and hauling expenses for the above-named property. All vendors must comply with this information request within 10 days of receiving such request.

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    RJ-250 Self -Contained Compactor

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    • 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 34 Cubic Yard Capacity
    • Ideal for Wet Waste – Leak Resistant
    • Installs On the Dock or Ground Level
    • Multi-Cycle with One Push of the Start Button, Cycle 1 to 10 Times.
    • Meets or Exceeds Current ANSI Z245.2 Safety Standards

    Restaurants, Hotels, Pharmaceutical Companies, Supermarkets, Apartment Complexes, and space challenged applications where liquid is a concern.

    • Compactor Rental Plan
    • Choice of Maintenance Plans
    • 100% Tax Deductible
    • Biodegradable Oil Options
    • 99% Run-Time Reliability
    • Paper and Plastics Recycling
    • Access to TOG Advisory Service
    • Access to On-Going Service Mgmt.
    • Optional Door-Seal Protection Plan

    The Self-contained Compactor/Container combines our one cubic yard capacity compactor with a rugged octagon or rectangular container. The compactor and container are welded together on a roll-off frame for a liquid tight waste handling unit. This system is ideal for locations that generate large amounts of wet waste Including food processing plants, grocery stores, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, hotels and hospitals.

    An SC series compactor can be easily adapted to your waste handling system with most of the optional features listed in the compactor section.

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