Vendor Management

Vendor management is not about negotiating the lowest price possible but constantly working with your vendors to finalize agreements that will be mutually beneficial to both companies. The time, money and energy expended to nurture a positive vendor relationship is immeasurable.

Working with multiple vendors with different contract terms, pricing and points of contact can be a grueling task. Procuring and evaluating bids, negotiating contracts, and more importantly, contract compliance, requires a certain type of skill and industry expertise. Tapping into that expertise can mitigate risks and maximize value.

Your Supply Chain Can Determine Your Success

A solid vendor management team can help streamline your supply chain and provide powerful support toward your company’s goals.

The vendor management team is in charge of managing the vendor relationship and ensuring the partnership is as financially rewarding as possible. The team also serves as a liaison between vendors and other essential business departments. Your vendor management team should have a clear paper and audit trail and decisions reflected in official memos and documents. Expenditures should also be meticulously recorded to allow for a proper auditing and ledger keeping.

Developing a strategic approach to building and maintaining strong, affordable and transparent relationships with vendors can have a substantial impact on your company’s bottom line.

Over the years, TOG has developed a broad range of relationships to ensure customers of increased efficiencies, reduced costs and better quality and service. We have the market presence to leverage these relationships on your behalf.

As your waste advisor, we will:

  • Perform an objective, in-depth assessment and selection of local vendors
  • Establish internal controls, including procedures for ongoing monitoring and reporting
  • Generate contracts that provide clear expectations of compliance and consequences for noncompliance
  • Take prompt action to address any compliance problems or issues
  • Ensure ongoing compliance with all federal and state regulation
  • Provide comprehensive ongoing monitoring such as on time deliveries and quality of service to meet customer requirements

Vendor Bid Management

TOG Does the Bidding and Translates the Results to Ownership

TOG, a non-hauling entity, knows the ropes and understands how haulers operate.  We have in depth knowledge about industry rules and regulations. Because of our aggregate buying power, we can negotiate the best prices and provide lower costs for our clients. As your waste manager, we will help you secure a comprehensive contract, and ensure sure that it contains appropriate service levels, costs, market analysis and, if applicable, seasonal fluctuations.

Isn’t it time you put an advocate in your corner — someone who can represent your interests? 

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