ASSEMBLY ROW — TOG partnered with Assembly Row to identify opportunities to reduce waste disposal and increase recycling rates. See the results.

RECYCLING — TOG’s Wastehound Inspector, Barking Barbara, is inspecting compactors. Learn how contaminated recycling costs money.

REPAIR — Do you know the signs that your compactor needs repair or replacement? Know your options.

HD COMPACTOR — The TOG high-density compactor series is designed to help property owners store more waste and reduce daily hauling traffic significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


ARCHITECTS — How TOG helps architects and commercial real estate developers avoid inadequate compactor pad sites. To learn more, read our blog.

WASTE SPEND — Meet Gayle, a property manager. She wants to get out of the trash business and learn how to reduce waste spend.

WASTE PROGRAM — Property Managers, do you know about the TOG Waste and Recycling Program?

WASTE HAULER — What is the difference between TOG and a waste hauler? Watch our video and find out.

For additional info on how to control spending: read our e-Books and our Blogs.

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