Waste Accounting

The TOG Waste Accounting Team

Whether you are developing a new property or trying to control costs at an existing one, the TOG Waste Accounting Team can help.

One of our strengths is accurately estimating the tenant’s waste volume in cubic yards to calculate the size of the containers and waste systems that the tenant would need.

Waste Profile

Before recommending the right size and type of waste system, TOG will build a unique Waste Profile for each property. Our database of current operations across 40 states enables us to accurately estimate the anticipated hauling requirements of each property and their tenant users.

Recovering Costs

Property owners and managers need a way to estimate, allocate, and invoice their tenants for their share of the monthly waste removal costs.

TOG billing services makes it easy for property owners to recover the full cost of waste handling equipment, collection, recycling, disposal, extra charges, and fees passed on by the hauler of record.

TOG makes allocation of tenant costs easy. The property owner does not need to hire TOG for waste equipment, hauling, recycling, disposal, and hauler oversight in order to benefit from our TOG Waste Utility Billing Service.

The Importance of Reviewing Monthly Waste Hauling Invoices

There are several reasons why your waste hauling invoices should be reviewed more carefully. Waste companies pass on as many as six additional charges not related to actual collection and disposal service.

Contamination is a new charge appearing on the property owner’s invoices. Tenant users are not careful about which waste system they use.  Consequently, recycling is being contaminated with trash bags and other debris leading to contamination costs. In addition to these contamination costs, there are special handling, reloading, and disposal fees incurred because the contaminated recycling is downgraded to trash further driving up costs.

Oddly enough, the hauler does not complain about the placement of recycling in the trash dumpster, rather it is accepted by the hauler because it increases the amount of waste being routed to one of their landfills. When tenants improperly sort waste, it provides the hauler with an opportunity to charge for non-compliance with its current contract.

Manage Costs Before They Become Liabilities

A sure way for property owners to lower costs and avoid fees is to hire a professional waste administration company that does not share its costs with the end-user. TOG Waste Utility Billing Service recommends that all companies incorporate monthly invoice auditing to ensure that the property owners and their tenants pay lower costs and avoid fees that have no basis in the original contract.

TOG advocates for the property owner and provides full transparency regarding costs on an on-going basis. Reduction and savings usually cover our flat fee.

Find out how TOG has helped companies like yours save money and time.

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