Waste Audit

Work overload

Revenue Leaking and Slippage Conditions

Today, property managers have little or no time to audit and make necessary inquiries about new charges and general increases not previously agreed to.  A basic waste audit will quickly reveal the need for an on-going invoice reconciliation of the monthly waste spend. 

TOG Reconciliation Process

The TOG Reconciliation Process adds a layer of oversight to all invoiced costs on a line by line basis, and initiates an official invoice dispute process for those charges that are unauthorized. TOG then tracks the disputed costs over multiple monthly service periods to ensure that the credits, refunds, and rebates are applied to your account.  

Without the TOG Invoice Reconciliation Process, it is likely that your invoices are being approved and vouchered for payment to avoid service interruption.  Most invoice approval work flows do not include formal invoice dispute handling.  All too often invoice approval is due date driven, leaving little or no time to address discrepancies and unauthorized charges.

A Waste Audit Can Save you Money

The word “audit” may have a negative connotation, but we use it in a positive way to protect you from:

  • poor billing practices
  • invoice discrepancies
  • unexplained price creeps
  • a non-compliant contract
  • insufficient credits and refunds
  • inappropriate chargebacks
  • sub-standard work
  • faulty inspections
  • contamination charges

How Do We Begin?

All we need is a copy of your most recent hauling invoice. If our initial assessment confirms what we already know about your trash and recycling collection costs, we will prepare a waste audit agreement that covers the reconciliation of all waste related income and expenses for each property.

Monthly Waste Audit Agreement Includes:

  • Invoice Audit Line by Line
  • Price Check
  • Verification of Weights and Measures
  • Weight Entry for Trash and Recycling Reporting
  • Purchase Order to Invoice Comparison
  • Official Invoice Dispute Report
  • Bill Pay Report for Your Approval
  • Recycling Sustainability Report

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