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The O’Keefe Group, LLC (TOG) built a specialized hitch so that TOG could tow and transport its trash compactor into the alley for pickup.  The alley was too narrow for a standard length roll-off truck to access the loading dock.

TOG was able to access the compactor by towing it into the alley using a DJ Products Trailer Caddy®.  By reducing the hauling of (16) 2 Cubic-Yard containers from 6 days to 1 day a week, TOG Compactor Solutions has significantly reduced CO2 GHG emissions from miles traveled to the property.  To compliment the TOG Compactor Waste System, TOG has installed a 60” inch down-stroke baler for cardboard and corrugated paper recycling.  Office paper will be collected separately in Totes®.  TOG waste reduction techniques have reduced current costs by more than 45%, and eliminated the conditions for being charged excessive junk costs by the hauler.  To learn more about how TOG can improve your waste spend, please email Michael O’Keefe at mokeefe@tog.us.com.

Custom Design and Manufacturing

Read how TOG recently designed a solution to address the following site conditions that were limiting its ability to stage and store waste for economical collection.

The site is located at 1100 15th Street in Washington DC. The initial plan by the hauler was to place the compactor on an elevated platform and pull the unit on and off trucks using winches, due to a low ceiling height. TOG advised the client and the hauler that this would not be possible. The alley was 22’ wide. Trying to maneuver a truck longer than 32’ on a 45-degree angle into the narrow alley wouldn’t work. In fact, a standard roll-off truck, measuring 35’ on average, would not be able to service this location at all because the narrow alley couldn’t accommodate the turning radius.

TOG tested the ability of a cab-over style truck at 32’ in length to pickup a 22’ long containers at ground level. The driver was able to accomplish this but with only 1’ to spare. The problem was not solved because most trucks are 35’ long. Designing around one or two legacy trucks from a local hauling district is like using a two-truck operator to ensure reliable collection of a first-class office building.

Not satisfied with a solution that relied on the availability of one or two trucks in a metro area, TOG moved the compactor out into the alley for loading and unloading by the hauler. By towing the compactor out into the alley into open air space, there would be no hoisting height restrictions and TOG could use standard roll-off trucks to service the compactor. The 22’ drive aisle was no longer an issue because the roll-off truck would remain parallel with the alley and loading door.

The TOG Waste Solution maximized waste storage capacity and accommodated hauling by standard sized trucks common to most hauling fleets.

In addition, TOG eliminated the need to place the compactor up on a loading dock to be serviced in low ceiling height conditions. Loading of the compactor with waste materials could now be done at ground level.

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Front and Rear Views of the TOG Portable Compactor

The Waste Caddy – Portable Compactor Solution

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