Rebate Program

an excellent source of ancillary income for property owners

Who is Eligible?

Property owners with multiple service locations and large waste volumes are eligible to receive rebates.  As your waste manager and conduit to the disposal market, TOG will utilize its 45 years of national operating experience to oversee the entire process of sourcing equipment and managing disposal service.

How are Rebates Calculated?

A TOG Advisor audits waste hauling costs to verify actual volumes and densities. TOG, using its wholly-owned Wastehound® software, calculates a rebate for the entire portfolio.

How is the Rebate Paid?

TOG pays your company a monthly rebate independent of the invoiced trash costs. The rebate amount does not fluctuate unless waste volumes drop.

How Do I Get Started?

Hire TOG as your Waste Manager and Partner and we will handle everything. TOG will manage the waste spend using scheduled services sufficient to prevent overflow conditions and odors.